About me and what I can offer to you

I am fortunate enough to have spent over 20 years involved in music, whether it's playing in bands and entertaining folks in pubs, clubs and festivals or performing sound engineering duties. But the place I love being the most is in the studio, recording, mixing and producing singer-songwriters or bands. It's the creative interaction and taking a germ idea and turning it into a fully fledged piece of music for you to share with the world that I truly enjoy the most.

Over the years I have privildged to work with some fantastic talent who have gone on to have various levels of success, whether it is commerical as an artist or song-writers, to those who have released and sold music at lower level in their own genres. I too have co-written music that has been released and even performed at the Royal Albert Hall for charity. 

In addition to being freelanced, I also work as college lecturer, sharing my love for Music Production. It is a rewarding experience when you help others to discover and create their own music. 

It is this passion that drives me to give you my everything, to have a product that you can be proud of whether it's taking that demo and turning it into a finished song, or if you have recorded your own music and need that sprinkle of magic to take it to the next level.  

I know how tight budgets can be these days, especially when you are putting your own money into your projects, which is why I can be flexible with the level of service I can provide without compromising on the quality of the product.  The most important thing is that you have a goal and my job is to help fulfil that goal and make sure you are able to get there.

To find out more information, please hit the contact me button below to discuss your plans and how I can help your musical dreams become reality.

RD GTR 1920