Bringing your demos to life


Bringing your demos to life


There is an art to making great records and if you look back over the years at all of your favourite classic albums, you will find that there is some else who is driving the creativity to be the best it can be. The Beatles had great songs writers in Lennon & McCartney, but it was Sir George Martin who helped drive the vision both sonically and musically, David Bowie in his early days had Ken Scott, then later Tony Visconti and The Who with Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp. There are many more bands with great partnerships over the years that have led to them having classic albums.

To this day, I believe bands still need a Producer’s touch, to help guide them and ready the band before the recording process. The magic of recording actually happens before you hit that red button. It all happens in the rehearsal room, when the band gets together with a producer and together work on all the parts for the song, making sure no stone is left unturned in terms of creativity.

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My Services

The Production service is about the whole package, whether it's a single, an EP or an Album.

I do have access to a network of studios across the country depending on location and budgets. In order to keep your costs down, I also have a small treated post production room for editing and mixing, which is possible to do vocal and last minute guitar overdubs should we need to. 

Before going to the studio to record, ideally I like to attend a couple of rehearsals or have some recordings sent to me remotely. This is so that we can create a working relationship, to share ideas, work on arrangements, lyrics, sounds and tones. This is all valuable preparation so that you are ready to go in and lay it all down. From my own experience, it enables us to then use the studio as a tool to be creative after the fact by adding some additional magic and more importantly having FUN!!

After the tracking has been done, its then all about the editing in preparation for the mix down process. Depending on the location this tends to be easier without you being present as it can be a rather tedious process. You can be present for the mix down phase, however, it is advisable to wait until the mix has come together and that way you will get a better experience of hearing it evolve.

The final step is mastering, this can either be done in-house or there are various options that includes your music being mastered by a world renowned mastering engineer.