Making your recordings sound like records


Making your recordings sound like records

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Online Mixing

I love the creative process of taking a recording and turning it into record that's ready for the world to hear. I have been fortunate enough to work with and learn from some of the best in the industry who also have the same desire to create great sounding music. This is something I want to be able to pass forward to you, whether you are an artist or band trying to make a place for themselves in the world. 

I'm hearing a lot of really good music and the standard of writing and playing has really come along way, which is fantastic to both see and hear. In addition, with the developments in technology, many bands are now able to record themselves and release their own music that can be found by anyone in the world. The approach does have it's downside because often the mix does not necessarily do you the band/artist justice and this can have a negative affect when trying to get through the door to a record company or onto a radio playlist. 

Investing in your music means that you are serious and that goes along way in the eyes of record labels and managment.

The mixing skills, experience and knowledge that I'm offering is priced so as not to leave you with a big dent in your already tight budgets. Getting your music to sound the best it can be is the most important thing as it will open doors.

This service is for an unattended mixing service whereby you upload your multi-track project audio via either Dropbox, We Transfer and many of the other reputable file transfer services.

To discuss edits and changes, I use a remote services such as Zoom and Skype.

Prices are for PER MIX (including two revisions) and vary depending on the services required.


Mastering is the final process of the production process and is the point at which the final bit of gloss and sparkle is added to make your music radio ready. For you as an artist, it is an area that should be considered when planning out your projects. As a service, I can 'Master' your recordings as well for a small additional cost.

However, I do recommend to ALL my clients that they allocate an additional £115 (per song) for their song to be mastered by Alchemy Mastering. The knowledge and craft of the team is second to none and have a combined experience of over 50 years, mastering some of the worlds biggest albums and singles for artists and labels worldwide (SONY, EMI, UNIVERSAL, WARNER). 

How to prep projects for Online Mixing
  • Please read before submitting files

    These steps are to ensure the quickest and easiest turn around for your sample mix. It will mean that I don't have to play detective, if you are unsure of anything, then please contact me for help.

    1. ALL of the files from your project start from Bar 1. This can easily be done by consolidating the audio regions
    2. Any edits you have made, please ensure that these have also been consolidated 
    3. Please decide on the takes you want to use for guitar solos or lead vocals, this is your decision.
    4. If possible, make sure that all the *tuning has been done
    5. ALL files are named appropriately as to what they are, please do not send files that have Audio #1 as I do not know what this is?
    6. Please make sure ONLY the files that are relevant to the project are sent 
    7. If possible, please provide some reference material (artist/songs) as to how you want it to sound. 
    8. If there is any specific processing/effects, make sure that it is bounced as an audio file along with the unprocessed version.
    9. All relevant audio files are placed in a Folder with the band's name on it and song title.
    10. Upload to

    *If tuning is required, please state this at the beginning as this is something that can be negotiated into the price.