7 Steps to get GREAT Home Recordings



Before you learn about the '7 Steps To Get GREAT Home Recordings', here's a question for you....

Do the following statements sound like you and can you relate to this?

Do you feel totally overwhelmed and get to the point where the information you watch and read begins to sound the same?

All you want to do is create great music and so you watch tons of videos on different recording and mixing techniques, as well as watching reviews on products and how buying this microphone or preamp will make huge differences to your home recordings. They tell you how it will give you huge results instantly and it’ll make you sound like a pro.

So now you begin to be drawn into temptation by the new must have piece of equipment and imagine about how it will fit into your workflow, not to mention rationalising all of the different reasons as to why you need it.

From there, you think about how your production or business will start to flourish because of it.

The next step in your thought process turns to working out a way of affording the said must have piece of gear, whether it’s out right purchase or putting it on credit.

Sounding familiar?

Now you’re embroiled in an internal battle and fighting with your conscience of should I, shouldn’t I?

Did I mention that it gets worse when you see that it’s on offer and there is a deal to be had??

Ooo the temptation

Does this sound like you?

I know it sounds like me as we have ALL been there!

The first little secret to know is

They all make the same offers at least 3 - 4 times a year at least. Think about it, you have Black Friday, Christmas Sale, Halloween Sale, New Year new start sale, Spring Sale, Summer Sale and many more.

What if I told you that there are a few things that you could do that WILL make BIG differences to your home recordings and the cost of doing this is minimal?

Now you’re probably thinking ‘oh yeah, how much is this going to cost?’ or ‘What’s the catch?’

What if I told you, that there is NO CATCH! I repeat, there is NO CATCH!

We are in a situation where there are people out there in the world, possibly you, who is reading this, who is incredibly talented but at the moment your recordings and productions are not doing you any justice. You feel that your music doesn’t stand up to a lot of the modern productions that are out there.

Well I have some good news, your home recordings can sound fantastic! The only weak link at the moment is your lack of knowledge of Recording and Production skills. Believe me when I tell you, you can get better at this if you put the time in, like you do with your songwriting or guitar playing or whatever instrument you have invested your time into.


This eBook guides you through the necessary processes to help you achieve GREAT sounding home recordings, without having to spend fortunes on new equipment.
The ‘7 Steps to Steps to Getting GREAT Home Recordings’ is a FREE eBook that gives you an insight and explains how to improve your recordings without spending hundreds and thousands of (insert your currency here) of your hard earned money.

There are tips about

  • Arranging
  • Preparation of Instruments and Projects
  • How to optimize your recordings using ‘Golden principles’
  • Tips on how to create an inspiring session
  • How to minimise the amount editing process

All of these tips are used by the Pros and it’s here to help to make your recording sessions fun and productive.

What do you need to do get this eBook?

It’s simple, sign up!

As I said before, NO CATCH, just sign up and BOOM, this little 21 page of easy reading will pop up into your email.


Why’s it FREE?

I believe that the best investment you can make is in YOU! All the equipment in the world won't make your recordings better if the fundmentals are not addressed properly.

I’m a Mixing Engineer and Producer and I am all for people recording their music at home because now the technology is available. This is a liberating experience as a creative, whether you’re an Artist, Songwriter, Band or Producer.

We have entered a new era whereby our music can all be on the same platform as your favourite band/artist. The only difference between you and them is the money, the experienced people behind them and most importantly, the fan base. But this should not stop or dissuade you from trying to pursue a career in music.

The thing I see most when I get projects sent to work on, is that the recordings are lacking at the point of the original capture and it’s not always a technical flaw in the capture but the poor preparation.

If I had put this eBook out earlier then they might have addressed some of these concepts and it could of helped them achieve a great sounding recording, that could then been mixed to sound like a professional radio ready record.

Essentially, you can find all of the information in this eBook online, but what I have done is save you the time and the trouble and put it all in one place to DOWNLOAD for FREE.

Here is a great opportunity to learn some of the supposed ‘Dark Arts’ to help you get GREAT sounding home recordings that you can then either mix yourself, or hire someone such as myself to mix. Then you can release and share your music with the world and stand side by side your favourite artists.

What are you waiting for?  Hit that download

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